Poems about Health

Attracted and driven by atomic hedonism, but a quiet pious life does not elude my dreams.
  I have said it once I’ve told it before Unfortunately
He ponders on if I am his, if she was with another, if he was not the only one that commited a crime.
The words  Put to paper, Bring my every thought to life, Catch my every dream from water, 
  I stand on a street corner with a sign that says “I need help, God Bless” you look at me and think to yourself
Your wrists, your arms, your ankles, your thighs. Look me in the eyes and tell me you're fine.
Sit before the Lord. Stand before the Lord. Kneel before the Lord.
    To have hope or not to have hope that is the question?
perception is reality now what do you desire to be? just look at the absurdity our media drives ardently
In that moment of realization, I understood the mental capacity one finds theirselves in when ones nerves come into sync with the heart.