Poems about Health

I am vomitng words on a paper Each dry heave gets me closer to exhaustion But I keep going Everything is a mess
It is now understood, My peers and I do not get along for a reason we not share. I lived pain and suffering, Where they did not.
Straight A’s don’t mean I’m a genius Smiling doesn’t mean I’m happy
Why the FUCK do u do this? Does it not affect u that the ones that choose to protect u have a value?
This is what happens when the truth finally breaks through, The endless flowing of my incessant thoughts coming unglued.
I’ve awakened, my eyes remain shut. Head under, wrapped in the scars, bruises, and cuts.
  A caged animal  Trapped in this box  There is not enough keys  For all of these locks
I think that I look the same as I did yesterday and the same as I did last year
Musicality, is a beautiful thing, which sets me free It allows me to be me