Poems about Health

When I close my eyes, I am whatever I want to be...   I am the actress,
 What do you want me to say?
No matter how many cables in my cable knit sweaters, no matter how many waffles in my thermals, I am cold.  
im only happy when im depressed im only happy when i wear black im only happy at night
I see the standards They seem to be just from my reach No matter the amount I try, I can't conform
You Said You said you loved me, you said you cared, but when I turn around you are not there. 
It's been so many rounds But That flesh just won't fall down I tried the upper cut even tried to K.O
This day this month called life cannot be real Down up down up around South where Death lay
I Feel Empty At Times I Want To Cry Out But It's Pointless Because No One Will Hear Me
To live is to write. To write is to live. Without my pen, Without my key strokes,