Poems about Health

In class, licensed to thrill because all us beastie students are on iPad now... But it's oh so hard to FOCUS
It’s lurking.  I can feel it everywhere I go.  Sitting.  Watching.  Waiting. 
Your mind is an unknown island ready to be explored  by someone brave enough to venture into it.
Sitting in the sand, a sad lonely girl.Contemplating suicide, she takes a breathe.
Thanksgiving is a happy time. A lot of ideas burst into my mind.   Where we have come from,
Sleep, dream, wake, wander     My ideas are not my ownManifestation
A Thank You poem from your favorite student: Dear Ms. Judgmental, 
I'm alright, it's okay. I'll be fine, anyway. No need to take time from your busy day.
By Janea Hope From light to dark Time is growing thin in it’s
Tick tock, tick tock.You look at the time, but where does it go?It's really quite a shock.