Poems about Health

Surrounding and covering my mind Whispering the horrible what if"s Trying to drive me to insanity
As I look into the mirror
I look down at the note you wrote to me, The letters scattered all over the page. I cry a river of tears
she's five though she falls, she thrives her mother says her scars will heal
My name is any shade of blue; like the color of water from a bright bay somewhere south and sunny
Sometime I feel high, sometimes I feel low I hate the low, but I love the high
Growing up, I didn't have many inspirations. As I got older, I began to see myself as an inspiration.
Leave a trail of musical notes Leave a trail of good vibes,
Since I was born, I've always looked up to you. Two years older than me, and two feet taller than me.
As an imaginative daughter long ago I dreamed that I may be a mother in time Cradling my baby dolls with care