Poems about Health

Try to live your life Depression is not awesome Don't run towards Death
Why can't you hear me? I'm screaming at the top of My fucking lungs! My throat aches But I won't give up.
Take charge early on Your body your vehicle Prevent and worship
Parent, the nucleus, Out of all the organelles, Why the nucleolus?
I sit in my dark room all alone. Just thinking of what is to come. I get my mind set in a gloomy zone.
  Has your Body ever hungered for warmth? Been so desperate
   The clock ticks slowly, Fingernails tap, impatient, Tick clack tock click tick.
The weather is so cold outside It turns my breath to frost. The pine trees are so dense outside
Sitting here, Surrounded by the dark. Engulfing everything, but My soul in anguish.  
He has to stay behind Here, in this blur of water and wind Unsure when he'll see his family. The wind, the rain