Poems about Health

Inside my mind object are not what they seem They turn into something else, something amazing others do not understand
I sit in total darkness, begging to see light. I know I should be happy, but something's not quite right.
(poems go here) I once had a tortured soul. Head down, beating on the pavement Not lonely just empty
I write to get away And feel better And find myself in another world
I close my eyes and imagine heaven on earth A place where the temperature never goes below 50
If you have ever Survived the feeling of pure loneliness, Then you will be able to embrace every positive
i. We were five; eyes were bright and cheeks were flushed; young life’s blood unable to contain it’s excitement.
For someone with as many issues as me The only way to escape is poetry
Hey, there’s a whole world out there, man!
I dream it not It makes me dream And I grow weary I do And I age plenty too