Poems about Health

I love you  I do  I think I'm even in love with you  When I see your sweet side 
Ive been beaten and broken and torn apart But no one seems to know that part I smile to mask away all the pain
7:30, comes a little too early For you, and for me. You stare out unto our sea of painted faces,
A JOURNEY   I feel lower than the dirt  Beaten down inside and out One man with two voices
​Shh.. Quite I hear voices in my head ​As my crystal droplets stain the land. ​They tell me that death's okay.
They lookin' at you with those shaded eyeThe dark rings around there eyes
Ever since I was young, I've had one dream To hold up a gold ball with my team;
As hard as I try nothing matters I want so bad to change my life at work listening to the endless chatter
I wish I had the strength to let go, just to escape into a silent tomorrow. I wish I would have cut deeper, just to feel that high. I wis