Poems about Health

Cancer hurts loved ones Go for check ups frequently Life is VALUABLE
Everybody says that words don't hurt. Sticks and stones and breaking bones And words will never hurt you.
I don't know why...why I feel this way.  One day the sunlight brightens my smile a little more, another day the wind struggles to push th
Blood stained hands holding a butcher's knifeRaw emotions take yet, another life.
Crumpled napkin promises left on the floorStanding there you're left wanting moreDon't you know that I've been here before? But nothing m
I'm not an addict of drugs nor self inflicting pain  I'm an addict of a body I wish to never see again. 
“I take you to be my spouse, to have and to hold from this day forward.”  
It began as a diary at a young age, that lead to a journal later on. I write because I have a million reasons to do so.
My parents made a decison long ago to pick up our bags leave cuba and go to the states because they believed that I would have a better f
Of the darkness emerging from our souls, beyond   threshold of the black mire falling