Poems about Health

You're my counselor, you're suppose to help. So explain to me why you made my life even more of a hell.
Sometimes I think "It's easier to be alone." Avoiding goodbyes sad eyes, sad words, sad heart. But then, 
     Greatness   To obtain Greatness
she let out one last breath she was gone and nobody could stop it The words finally got to her
Have a drink, good sir,  I won't      implore you to speak of your troubles- Lifes' sorrows;  Yet pain that isn't shared  Is agony double
I love you  I do  I think I'm even in love with you  When I see your sweet side 
Ive been beaten and broken and torn apart But no one seems to know that part I smile to mask away all the pain
7:30, comes a little too early For you, and for me. You stare out unto our sea of painted faces,
A JOURNEY   I feel lower than the dirt  Beaten down inside and out One man with two voices