Poems about Health

If you can't tell me I'm cute or beautiful a lot, you don't deserve me. If you don't like dinosaurs, you don't deserve me.
There comes a time when you become cynical -  It’s just a little, but it’s enough  To make you ask questions 
I like to watch people smile - unguarded.  I like rare smiles, too, from those who are often stoic-faced. 
It's tomorrow now, time to get up and start your day. Piss, shower, brush and you're on your way
When I write I feel like I don't have talent , not written long or good enough to be like someone I admire .
That's it I'm throwing rhymes on this shit She's a very scary girl with a mind of a skit
Darkness settles And the night surrounds me The floorboards creak Even though no one is there
I am not only here to be a lover to you,but also to be a friend,to be a guiding light,an ear to listen,
give me ink  so i will forget the vinegar bitterness of aspirin the cloying sickness of charcoal give me paper