Poems about Health

​Shh.. Quite I hear voices in my head ​As my crystal droplets stain the land. ​They tell me that death's okay.
They lookin' at you with those shaded eyeThe dark rings around there eyes
Ever since I was young, I've had one dream To hold up a gold ball with my team;
As hard as I try nothing matters I want so bad to change my life at work listening to the endless chatter
I wish I had the strength to let go, just to escape into a silent tomorrow. I wish I would have cut deeper, just to feel that high. I wis
Along his way he was lost Trees and flowers Sparkled in his eyes But only the ones who bloomed
Its hard to let go Its hard at night when no ones around Its hard cuz no one knows This pain cries with no sound
 they collect heart strings pull on mine and  remind of who I used to be, of what I used to do, how I used to be
Time whispers under Transparent eyes and cold hands A warning: Keep out
Armor is neither Fortitude nor detention It is a cocoon.