Poems about Health

 they collect heart strings pull on mine and  remind of who I used to be, of what I used to do, how I used to be
Time whispers under Transparent eyes and cold hands A warning: Keep out
Armor is neither Fortitude nor detention It is a cocoon.
All I hear are contridatictions, your actions should line up with your words I'm just tired....
“Do your homework” they say “Pay attention” they say “No excuses” they say  
Through My Eyes, if  you could let me show you around the gates of hell but I'll warn you that
Mister tinker, master of hammers and pins, can you tell me how to fix a man?   Show me how to open
  I enter your class, say “morning”, you stare. You never respond. It seems like you don’t even care.
Sit, sit, sit. All we do is sit. Is there any exercise? There is none of it. Sleep, sleep, sleep.
I used to be strong. I never fell down. I tumbled  So close