Poems about Health

Happiness is seen in my smile Laughing and playing is my lifestyle Life goes on day by day
Hush my little baby Don't you cry, Just listen to your momma's Twisted lullaby. The bottles on the floor
Hold on to your hourglass so gently in your hand. How can your whole life be imprinted in this sand?
Keep on signin' and praisin' About the girls every night That wouldn't know you 'til you turned off the light
The flowers in the trees blossom Their fragrance overwhelms them Sending them into happy swirls of emotions
Personal thoughts tangled like tumbleweed Remain Silent noise to others ears Causing tears to fall one by one
There is no reason to believe me There is no reason to love me There is no reason to want me
Through hurricanes, Earthquakes, Tsunamis, And explosions.
I come from a father not living with me, A brother who looks down on me. From a place no one wants to be,
The darkness around us is deep It runs deeper than just the night time It is more than just the lights out