Poems about Health

yes, ma'am you gave us homework,  yes, here it is. Oh you don't want it, they claim we don't have any. Not again.
A freak of nature, a work of the devil I was unique, notion she refused to revel.
Mom and daddy dont scream, can't you see how much I need you? Right here with me, I'll do anything to keep you.
As my heart beats to the rhythm of love and happiness It slips into a coma of depression,
Fail, Succeed, Hold Back, Blow up, Learn, Grow.  What have i done. swirling head. Mommy, baby, wife, friend. Who am I. What do I regret.
Mac Giolla Bhride is gone Not with a meteor shower But a damp whimpering
So because I dye my hair black Wear too much makeup around my eyes Put on pants that are just the tiniest bit too tight
Water Rushing Water Stopping, Head Going Under, Oxygen Leaving, Seeing the Light,
Static, all I hear is static. White noise rings in my ears like it is seeping from the walls
I shook and I yelled top of my lungs But it didn’t shake my cell didn’t move the rungs Im imprisoned in this body