Poems about Health

Water Rushing Water Stopping, Head Going Under, Oxygen Leaving, Seeing the Light,
Static, all I hear is static. White noise rings in my ears like it is seeping from the walls
I shook and I yelled top of my lungs But it didn’t shake my cell didn’t move the rungs Im imprisoned in this body
Swallow the ash Of your own unforgiveness You brought yourself here, So climb out of the pit
Mental Breakdown 
Dear adults who ruined some of the best days of my life, Oh why must I be made to complete your work?
The bath water isn’t hot enough.  I turn up the heat and watch my skin turn to red.  Something has to calm down the shakes.  If frustrati
For the longest time she said she felt fine Even though we knew it was her time
This I know:no matter how heavy my heart may feel,it is not an anchor.Even ships that weigh 100,000 tons still manage to float.I am not f
 I need to remember it is okay to feel, even to feel bad things. My heart has no storm warning--I cannot board up the windows and evacuat