Poems about Health

I can’t tell you how scared I am  I can’t tell you about my fear of being left alone
My eyes long for the city yet my heart yearns for the sea. Its freedom is enticing, yet its rush beckons me. 
You sit there as I toil,Your legs crossed and body open,Mine a rigid standard of stress,A lonesome stillness.
Bulimia nervosa,  Or so they call it. I wouldn’t say I was too nervous about it;
You think it’s beautiful for a girl to be brokenBecause you see strength in her reflection
There is a moment before death that one realizes they are dying
For many years have teenagers been considered to be the new tomorrow.
You ask God whyYou have no clue what to doNot sure how to tell your familyIt isn't just the flu
I sit in silence waiting for the sound I hear the rushing of cars, the cries of the town
The crackling bricks of the terrorized wallsremain standing simply by default.For they cannot stand not to stand.