Poems about Health

Where to begin?This poetry stuffIs tough.Really.
 Bastille, bestoweth such a death as one like the identity... To and from the gathered thoughts caressed by a whim.
When I see you come from yonder I feel a strong, fast ponder. Yes the sensation in my chest
  My pain running deeper than the ocean I don’t know what causes these motions
the saddest people stay up until 4am listening to the earth
  Fresh with rain, glistening so beautifully, Welcoming for mine, it haunts me, Chills bite at my face,
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I’ve discovered truth, a worthy place for my mind Where I can leave the heavy burdens I carried behind
I reach for the ropeI should reach for the phone,I should reach for the pen, ora book, or go home. Its something of nothing, it is of cou