Poems about Health

I’ve discovered truth, a worthy place for my mind Where I can leave the heavy burdens I carried behind
I reach for the ropeI should reach for the phone,I should reach for the pen, ora book, or go home. Its something of nothing, it is of cou
P { margin-bottom: 0.08in; } The P.E teachers at school Always said, “Get another lap in there!” “Don’t stop moving!”
A broken promise Etched, a violent sketch  Of hurt and hatred Trying to forget Trying to drown
Baby, if you struggle Know that I struggle too. I understand that the nights are hard
We are the writers of this storybut how often do we hold the pen?Pressure, all around us
An ode to the person that I see in the mirror,  Keep your distance, don't come any nearer.
They tell her things They say cruel things They can't be heard by anyone else The voices in her head