Poems about Health

i am a young girl who battles her emotions,that young girl searching for the magic potion.i am a fighter ....a worriar in the dark.
At times I'm like a pigeon,As free as can be.But when I'm locked in,My cage is inside of me.
I hate looking into her eyes, they tell nothing but lies. I hate her perfectly shaped pouts,
It's dark cold lonely is this what being lost is like? Running around, facing my fears
Love me in a minuteLove me in an hourLove me in a dayLove me with all your powerLove me for a life-time
I'm staring down the long and open road all alone, between the lawns, perfectly mowed.
We work all day For little pay. All that effort, for what? We're still stuck in a rut.  
A heart for a heart.  A strong one, a weak one. A mother's, a daughter's. The doctors say my mother's strong body  Could save my weakened
I lay awake in bed all night reliving the dreaded past. The memories that haunt my dreams
If you think I have never thought of suicide, your wrong. If you think my life is peaceful,