Poems about Health

Poetry is a way to express yourself Its the gate to your inner mind, your soul and health
Dear Heavenly Father, Forgive me for the constant sinning between my legs. Forgive me for my low GPA last semester.
Writing a Haiku Is extermely go for you Through raising IQ
Concrete is a burial ground for animals hazy impressions are the brains, steel fortresses,
As I look at myself your reflection stares back at me
I once knew this girl A few years ago She pretended she was happy So that no would know  
Do you remember that girl? The damaged one That sprouted like a flower from a broken pot
I don't know anymore. Who am I? What am I? I am I just some kid who will amount to nothing?
Here I am wearing my matching outfit, sporting my new shoes and don't forget my blue glasses. I smiled at everyone.
I sewed the strings up.Tied them around the wrists and ankles.I wiggled them around and you followed.