Poems about Health

I wanna see cheange like walking into a store without being spyed on.
Is love a sprout from nature like life is in a field full of rain? How does love begin?
I live like there is no today, so I can't see a future. I dream of being somebody
She'll never know the pain behind your eyesShe'll never see the damsel in disguise
Caught up in the gazes of delegations,  fashion ,the critics of publicity,and what our friends say
Why do i write? That is a very good question It all started in sixth grade when it was just my rhymebook and my diary
A migraine is a war zone Popping, banging, booming Thumping in my head A migraine is my worst nightmare
I’m always losing things,But not always because I’m forgetful.People’s trust and special rings
Unwanted memories. Chew and swallow them. There is no erasing them no matter how hard