Poems about Health

More brutal and bitter than a cold winter wind. More pleasurable than the first warm winds of spring.
You are good But I am better Because you feed off of hate And I feed off of love, And love Always 
Bright lights but a shadow heart  Real Words but a hurtful tougue Persuasive eyes but different color pupils 
Life is full of so many emotions, thoughts, and actions I let the good pass me by as it comes and goes
For your birthday I got you three Montana hardcore cans with a New York style fat cap
Promise yourself strength  and nothing can disturb your peace,  to speak of happiness, good health, 
As I write this down What are these words worth Does any of it even matter Or just ink, on paper
I started out innocent only confused I started out pure until I was abused I started out honest just to be lied to
Sitting patiently at a red light, watching the other cars zoom past your Ford Taurus