Poems about Health

I started out innocent only confused I started out pure until I was abused I started out honest just to be lied to
Sitting patiently at a red light, watching the other cars zoom past your Ford Taurus
Took a step back, took a breathe, took some time,
A city filled with life and beauty.  Bright and lively from a distance. Admired from afar the beauty can be seen seen. 
She usually doesn’t make sense on the first impression You must dig a little deeper Let me explain
I get and see the sleepy face of angel that is by my side She drools so I quickly escape before my dry shirt gets attacked.
Bring yourself to the edge of the cliff, waves thrashing your ship higher and higher towards the sky,Oh, Mariner, let the little voice in
Poetry began with no smile, Poetry began as a resolution,
I was always told Sheltered children will never understand nor see the value in millions
Escape Breath, write, scribble breath, write, imagine