Poems about Health

If I were a house I should try to have a sturdy, well-built exterior
Walk away and displace from the world waiting to be late Talk as you may your thinking isn’t straight
Nervousness comes. He comes with a jitter in his knee. Chewing on his lips, his nails.
Can you think A word just for me? Can you think Of my favorite time?
This had to be a dream. It's imprinted in my memory, Impossible to ignore. Things have changed,
My life has been a love affair… …with antibiotics. Amoxicillin, bacterin, ampicillian, you name it.
If I Had Cancer... If I Had Cancer where would it be inside of me?
The mind is a lovely thing indeed it keeps us going and it makes us heed the blaring warnings around our head
I need a brighter light to shelter me from my dark nights, Trapped in a never ending tunnel,
Keep your anxiety away from me. I feel your feelings. They’re haunting me. If you’re good or you’re bad,