Poems about Health

I first found it amongst the pages of a summer reading book, when Johnny did it because he was just  so sad,
What am I I am a person A girl A friend
he can only feel                if he's slicing his skin open if he can feel blood
All of the feelings that are inside - the anger,  Frustration - want to come out, but there is no way.
gonna start cheating, gonna go lie, gonna stop eating, gonna go die.  
SHHHH! the silence will break down your heart, numb out your brain, and tear you apart....
Dawn breaks as I slip on my mask, my mask of illusion,  my mask of rage, my mask of hostility.
A room, a bed, a ceiling fan. A bloody wrist, a crying face, an expectation. A noose, a boy, a knocked over chair.
Walking on searing coals Weighed down by the world The weight is pulling my down deeper
Sadness flows from one person to the next, a virus of depression, a sinkhole of failing people, pulling up for help, pulling others in, t