Poems about Health

Past the vacant eyes and her blank stare Lies a Woman who was always there  With her once understanding silence 
Sovereign over my life     I   yusysys        I usurped it in my own way    Yet I failed myself every single day    I can handle it, i su
Although it might be a surprise That I have a secret Usually nothing is scared But I have managed to keep
Writing a poem is like freeing a bird from a cage My thoughts are trapped in my head like a locked up animal
 I write because I want to be remeber  I need that feeling of being a member  not of society but of my inner self 
Today is the last day that I'm neglecting words.
I feel so trapped, like a bird in a cage, and I'm stuck here, my hands clenched in a rage,
I sit on the throne of creativity, and yet my illness controls me
To dream a dream So frightening and far Where hope has drowned Not to surface   Rich with beauty
STOP you don't understand what your doing STOP don't you see what your losing? What about all that is ahead of you