Poems about Health

all my life can be put into a poem , so im bringing it all to the surface so i can show em.
The pain was bottled up inside of me and the thoughts I had, I could not foresee.
There's a girl  who sits with her friends.  She laughs and smiles though it's all just prtend. 
   “You’re a mistake…..You mean nothing….I love you” Three poisonous words, from the woman I love,
When your whole entire world comes crashin down around you, and everything just falls to shit what are you supposed todo?
The Young at heart are forever; Forever as words are infinite. Bodies may grow through awkward stages.
I forgive you because I know I want to be forgiven I forgive you because I want to move onI forgive you because I didn't know how to resp
 Flashing the Bat SymbolCan't Superman hear my cries?Are Spider-Man's spidery senses tingling??Anybody?I need help I need to be rescuedI'
Everything is important. Like first health. Why because how would we live if we can't breath & be heathy.
    Well look at me now So grown and proud I’ve moved away And become quite loud