Poems about Health

I once knew this girl A few years ago She pretended she was happy So that no would know  
Do you remember that girl? The damaged one That sprouted like a flower from a broken pot
I don't know anymore. Who am I? What am I? I am I just some kid who will amount to nothing?
Here I am wearing my matching outfit, sporting my new shoes and don't forget my blue glasses. I smiled at everyone.
I sewed the strings up.Tied them around the wrists and ankles.I wiggled them around and you followed.
He crept in so slowly,his beak creaking against the floorboards.His breathing slightly audible, but still silent.
They say I am crazy, They call me names, They say I go from one extreme to another, But what do they know.
More brutal and bitter than a cold winter wind. More pleasurable than the first warm winds of spring.
You are good But I am better Because you feed off of hate And I feed off of love, And love Always 
Bright lights but a shadow heart  Real Words but a hurtful tougue Persuasive eyes but different color pupils