Poems about Health

The heat smothers The noise deafens The light bewilders The beat soars The hand grips The eyes search The jaw clenches The stomach turns
     Alive in the death     Aloud in the silence Awake in the nightmare Avid in the stupor Anonymous in the public Alone in the crowd Adv
Misunderstood,  lost inside and constantly changing all the time. just when you think you're all leveled out 
I can write and speak my words so freely. When I hit pencil to paper it just seems to free me;
I’m so tired. I feel like fire Am I wake or asleep? I feel like I’m in a little too deep.
Today Bobby already ate his oats. ---Already ate my oats Moms...
I feel stronger now more than ever Rain or snow it doesn't matter what kind of weather No matter what you throw at me 
The world is magic,It's not real.Just smoke and mirrors.But here, where we stand,There is another reality,
  Silence. That’s all the gathered mass can hear, No fiery gossip consuming all those we hold dear.
Overwhelming stress showing on my skin.  I need a better skill and that's where writing comes in.