Poems about Health

Overwhelming stress showing on my skin.  I need a better skill and that's where writing comes in.
Why do I write? I write to express the feelings within I write to finally release the pain to let the river flow
As life goes on I’m realizing that you can’t live without happiness, without a simple smile, or a great write every once in a while.
Hidden behind toothy, nervous smiles and iron pressed work pants Line your pretty lips and keep them sealed
Once upon a time, I had a love affair with darkness
  I write to refute the impossible. 
I write to live. I write to keep strong.  I write to remind myself that I can bear the storm.
the fine art of writing is to create patterns from words for those of whom are unable to speak
BRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIING! goes the caller CLOSE! goes the taker she shuts it down hides it away