Poems about Health

Poetry soothed me. The sadness entraped me. Expression was power; Power to overcome
My Wish For You is that you never feel the pain I've felt that you know that this road is tough, but you are stronger
    The poet harvested her seeds of inspiration, And plummeted deep into the shallow surface
There is a Wall which like any other wall stands tall and strong seven days of the week  
The darkness wraps me in its cold embrace As I linger further into this foreign place In the back of my mind
The change of a young boy to a young man  Is a vivid process across a long land 
       There are times in life where certain things happen to you that you wish you could but by living in the pass it can be hard to mov
Poetry, speaks softly,Caressing us gently.Those words whispering,Entering,Calming.
  Angel wings and beautiful things, We all get them someday, Someday.    Your smile light my day,
    In the dark of night, There is a sound. A soft tick ticking of a pocket watch, Telling our stories silently.