Poems about Health

  Angel wings and beautiful things, We all get them someday, Someday.    Your smile light my day,
    In the dark of night, There is a sound. A soft tick ticking of a pocket watch, Telling our stories silently.
That's who everyone knows me as "The New Girl" That is what my identity has become
The beauty and the pain The ease and the strain The water down the drain This is why I write  
Poetry is not just literature full of rhymes, but it contains the emotions and inspirations behind it.
Making friends is what I hate to do Eventually they will turn on you Gaining trust is hard for me
I wish life would bring me peace, but all I have gained is pain with alot of regrets and shame.
See I've been thinking... And on this long one passengerJourney.....life represents this revolving mirror of us
Every day I keep working towards my goals: I eat healthy, I exercise, I drink water,
The barracks dies down at 9:03, for this is the perfect time to flee;