Poems about Health

Tired but rushing Bedlam in my mind A dogs tail waves for me.
Go at an easy pace Take it real slow. Will you end at the top? Absolutely No!
I'm just a lonely old fork controlled by others without any freedom I'm used by humans
Speak Say something Anything Live Die Pain Suffering No Be happy Joke
I'd complain but there's nothin' like the rain Pourin' right down my face Each drop in its place
What is love? It is this dark place, unhealthy, where everything is deep-fryed.
From the time of your birth you've been running, Running a race To find His Grace.
cerise and burgundy gradients of mono chrome that slips a cross that protects the
Look at me. I am a filthy monster. I sit atop my mountain tearing apart my own flesh, wishing my cells would perish right there.
There are indeed, Things that we can’t see. Living beings that swim and move. Organisms that we depend on