Poems about Health

I can see the approaching clouds, They roll along, almost lurking, Forcing you to wait in anticipation.
This is not something that I’m used to Allowing people to see me Because that’s when I outright get emotionally greedy
calculated steps, a calculated smile a calculated image, perfect all the while hiding something tragic
As the sun falls down the clouds circle around Chasing the empty space away Fading out what is left of the day
Mizani (Swahili for "Balance")
Mizani (Swahili for "Balance")
I wake up in the morning wash my face and brush my teeth. But before that I thank God for blessing me with this day
Grandma Dot slumps in her chair in the kitchen Like a rag doll that’s lost her stuffing.
Look in the mirror...Check Crack your back....Check Laugh at yourself and pretend like your funny but
Tears Fingers whispering along dewy leaves. Listening Eyes closed with ears opened to the trees. Fluttering