Poems about Health

Crazy That girl over there. That’s what they call her Her With her honest smile Friendly eyes
Pulling Pushing Shoving The inner depths of my brain are bearing nothing but torture I am becoming a slave
Silently proceeding, I feel my heart bleeding. Why do you tear through me, why can’t you just let me be?
Just take a good look at yourself What's inside your mind Look at your eyes See what's inside
That awful word That makes me wish I were a bird So that I may fly from this Earth To which I feel I do not belong
Put a band aid on your heart, press the button to restart. Let it heal itself, and restore its health.
All over the world there is a word for which people learn to work towards.
If I must die, Let it not be in fire Let it not be In the flames of desire
I sit on top of a fifty floor building Pretending to be Wonder-Woman
Where there is a light to shine There is a shadow waiting behind Just like a tainted Wonderland