Poems about Health

I wake up in the morning wash my face and brush my teeth. But before that I thank God for blessing me with this day
Grandma Dot slumps in her chair in the kitchen Like a rag doll that’s lost her stuffing.
Look in the mirror...Check Crack your back....Check Laugh at yourself and pretend like your funny but
Tears Fingers whispering along dewy leaves. Listening Eyes closed with ears opened to the trees. Fluttering
We live in a society where beauty is boss, where the market for acne-correcting concealer is the solution to sadness.
Last time I wrote poetry I was depressed and 16 The shit life would throw at me Got stuck inside my seams
I am the character in the book that is too important to die Yet not worth mentioning I live in the back of your mind
I use to ask people for help but it seems as if help never comes I can barely tell what is real from what is fiction anymore
I found the affliction deep in my bed; no sleep for angels and no devils dead.
Sitting here, wondering what's next thinking if what I'm doing is best I'm wondring if I stay away