Poems about Health

I have been approached with the inquisitional thought: “What manner of beast do you think for yourself?”
There once was a girl who lived under the shadows She thought no one cared for her mind
And this is what strong looks like, This is what faith looks like
I dressed up my worth in diamonds and pearls satin and lace. I put it gently on a platinum plate
Thats the thing about mental illness; you can wake up one day and colors shine brighter
I’m perfectly calm, straight faced evading anyone’s gaze, seemingly consumed with the task set in front of me…
A poem that’s good, it should be clever. A feat that I've achieved quite never. But that’s OK since soon you’ll see,
She sits. She waits. Alone, ever so, in the dark corners of her mind. She muses. She doubts.
Every sip you take and another toxin attempts to destroy your core
You look upon me with eyes unseeing. Speak to me with lips unmoving. Hear me with ears that have shut out the world.