Poems about Health

He tells me that I can’t, That I’m not Quite good enough. That I was never taught; But he doesn’t teach.
I witnessed the sun Shone upon dying leaves and mistook them flowers. (Reminded me: Story's not over)
Wouldn't you know Just how low I look at myself Not so good health So many different battles
Don’t ask me why, I sit here and cry. Do not question me when I laugh at a joke, Or why I said the word I spoke.
Feeling so cloudy, Too cloudy to bear, Abandon the room, So afraid of their care,
The harp sings for me tonight, The witch plays its gentle melody no more for I believe they have felt their pain, Revenge not fully satis
I came into this world formless Surrounded by petrified consciousness Invisible signals surveyed the terrain
Everyone thought we were crazy, dangerous, and strange The joke is on them
Why do I miss my feelings? They used to be so vibrant, so intense. Now I am not who I used to be, So who am I?
I can see the approaching clouds, They roll along, almost lurking, Forcing you to wait in anticipation.