Poems about Health

The mind is a lovely thing indeed it keeps us going and it makes us heed the blaring warnings around our head
I need a brighter light to shelter me from my dark nights, Trapped in a never ending tunnel,
Keep your anxiety away from me. I feel your feelings. They’re haunting me. If you’re good or you’re bad,
I am lost In a world of grief Pain and misery, No one can find one Blue soul among all
Deep, deep down In the deep blue sea The waters appear not so blue
I've never been one to really care, I guess. I don't care they put me in the prison to the west.
I was drowning In my own sea of tears. I was burning From the hole you left here. I was poisoned
The Body: The smile tells a lie, The eyes hold the truth, The smile tells a story of happy times,
Each step another accomplishment, just one step closer to my establishment. little by little it moves with me,
My heart flutters The beating of the wings My speech stutters The pain is the sting