Poems about Health

When I become a teacher I'll put a map of the world on every wall in my classroom
There are two kinds of shadows one is visible in light the other invisible and internal
a tree sits atop a hill its roots reach deep into the earth searching, gathering
Down the road through the forest over a boulder and through the branches lies a meadow
It was a regular day.
Wanting to love , but sadly she can not. Despite what people think, the girl goes through a lot.
Searching for substance an abandoned tire on a dusty road supple animosity; perpendicular complexity
Our bodies are a canvas Sculpting what we see A constant work in progress Molding to what people want us to be
My room is a graveyard Full of decay Hopes, Dreams, Regard Slowly wasting away
What is Death? An Escape? A Release? A way to leave This awful place?