Poems about Health

My room is a graveyard Full of decay Hopes, Dreams, Regard Slowly wasting away
What is Death? An Escape? A Release? A way to leave This awful place?
Just look in his eyes. He's asking for help. He doesn't know how to say it so he just stares.
Meaningless breaths, Empty eyes, Vacant caresses, Hold me tight, Never let go, Dishonest love,
We are the children of the Apple the iphone, the ipad, the ipod our constant companion who never complains
Never a tear when she cried No one’s happiness she destroyed She was happy, they said
Tired but rushing Bedlam in my mind A dogs tail waves for me.
Go at an easy pace Take it real slow. Will you end at the top? Absolutely No!
I'm just a lonely old fork controlled by others without any freedom I'm used by humans
Speak Say something Anything Live Die Pain Suffering No Be happy Joke