Poems about Health

Held at gunpoint, she is asked, “Why don’t you know loss? Know the Shame of being broken, the guilt that
I look in the mirror and see skin; Excess the only perceivable remark. Peel it away, a voice says to me.
My mind has fallen into the deepest parts of the abyss. I see nothing I feel nothing Why is life so difficult?
I recall the last time that I saw you standing gracefully with a breeze gently blowing
Even when the snow melts away, I am still cold winter remains, clinging to my bones damp and moldy
I can't describe it I'm just not happy here I would go through with it If i knew there was somewhere to go
I live in this box And this box has no windows, but it has a door.
In the mind, in what mind, a Mona Lisa smile tempts the masses, through what she doesn’t say.
I see, sadly,that ladder I know what happen I don't even have to look I close my eyes
Our boy wanted to fight For freedom. Our boy heard a story once About a soldier who came home