Poems about Health

Our boy wanted to fight For freedom. Our boy heard a story once About a soldier who came home
Like returning home from battle it the hearth that's waiting there Or coming home from a high class party
A bright candle flame! A happy life tame, A open soul is named.
It’s not fair. It’s not fair that some are accepted while others are not. Fat. Black. Crazy. Dumb.
Working for no reason Praying without pause They teaming up on me But it’s the wrong season
The water around my feet was warm Baby’s first bath Grandma’s kitchen sink
Why must I stay in pain Picking cotton is this all the money I gain I am just another black
Oh, the efforts of exercise It just seems so fruitless sometimes I run, I bike, I jog Working hard as I can
I’m Leo I like to run around town When the sun goes down My bed makes sounds My passion spreads around
Innocent and Pure, A child who cries from hunger, hunger that is not being feed, rather discriminated,