Poems about Health

I think that you would miss the pitter-patter of tiny feet across the linoleum floor and the way we
The lone sapling lays discarded on the grassy plain, Its roots half-buried, half withered away.
I cut deep within my veins Treating myself to the quiet pain, Digging inside to cut the hurt out
She'll scream again, Because she swears none of them can hear her voice, She says the words are too loud.
It is what's here, it's all around  Its fully encompassing, from top to ground The story of you, the demise of me
This is the script This is the day For a life delayed This is the play The Hip Hip Hooray-
Loved by many coming from a place that searched to be free. Who am I?
Sleepless nights. Silence all around me even when I'm awake. Unfulfillment.