Poems about Health

you helped me to breathe when my lungs were in flames 
I hold my hope tight in my hands Hoping my light will come soon I stumble through the dark An invisible typhoon
Stillness unnoticed  Waves not deluding She dwells no moment  In fear of realness grim moments 
Beauty comes when the rain stops
Positive Nuggets Need to counter depression or stress? Put these remedies to the test.
It’s finally the day to come, blood mixing in, flows like a river
Eyes wide shut, I can see the dead caucuses  of ash and dust mites eating at my flesh.
set aside your heat for thourough gradation Christ, is that a knife in my back? and wage war on their point-proper diction monkeys ay!
No, I did not expect to die A one-shot blow to the head A loaded gun cocked right at me I lay in bloody streets of hate Foreshadowing the
Still alone in your room Staring at a blank tv screen For it to reflect your image Waiting as the time passes by