Poems about Health

Ever so lightly, I called u
I wish you were here You’d wipe away my tears I wish you here You’d drown all my fears
They call you Somolong But they don't know your story is long And that out of your daily throng
People yearn for attention, pictures, videos, A contagion of media, However, I wish to recede into mystery,
The questions pop up like fireworks Sparks flying out  I cover my face, evading them
When life gives you lemons Use it for lemonade Don't request for more shit Unless it derives from fair trade
As a child i could be weird i could be silly i could be me with no one to tell me otherwise. 
Lost girl  Confused girl Hurt girl Where are you going girl
Little bear, little bear looking at your reflection
The body we live in, is not what matters  but the spirit and mind of what we gather.