Poems about Health

We all have them Telling us things We don't want Making us  Sad Depressed Hopeless
The girl with the blonde golden hair that drapes like ice sickles on a winter night.
mama, your little girl isn't doing too well,lately, she's been going through hell,
How can I express in words the Weight of how heavy my heart is, or how the straight jacket that is my rib cage tightens around
Count 1 … Not guilty Count 2 … Not guilty Count 3 … Not guilty Count 4 … Not guilty Count 5 … Not guilty
No one knows the pain
  He hears so many voices in his head “There will always be fear”, the main one said
Her glassy eyes stare back at me. They scream For help, For saving.
With such a desperation my breath gets caught in my lungs.  Time stands still as the embers start to awaken.