Poems about Health

There is a feeling that many students get at least once, usually during exam season.
It has been fifteen years. Sometimes I wonder If when I cry you shed tears, too, and I wonder
The forest is calling, And I know I must answer. Its power, strength, and fortitude
Be brave little angel it'll be okay, Close your eyes tomorrow is another day. Spread your wings take flight,
I'm tired. My eyelids droop low over my eyes- Is it my imagination, or is it getting hard to focus?
Forced to the back, Crammed against the wall like a tack, Pushed out of View Treated like I have the flu.
Who am I?  I don't know. But.  This is my story.
Patchwork stitching stars in the sky:
See the eyes of pityHear the whispers they singFeel the shame surround youSmell the salt on your cheeks  
I am a student of simple words-- and complex ones, too. Paper between my fingers