Poems about Health

One for airplanes, heights, ladders, and jumping headfirst  into lakes.
Children fear stupid things such as basement steps. They don’t have the fear of death.
When I was born, society handed me a script I played the part quietly and kept my lips zipped
Knocking on the walls yelling into each and every crevice
Strength is all part of a mindset. “You’ve got to learn to get a grip.”
A fight not of traditional standards Inside the head of the afflicted  Two personalities battle for Dominance
It´s forming inside my brain. The black cloud of doom takes over. Am I starting to turn insane?
Inspired by the book “All the Bright Places” I needed to stay awakeKeep my head above waterMet her on a bell towerNeither of us fellWell,
I'm addicted to something new; It feels like a magnitude; Each day it becomes renewed; My heart is split in two;
The Car in My Mind it zooms by  crashing, smashing I am confused, as my emotions  attack me