Poems about Health

Clouds, the molecules within them like crystal beads of regret.  
The cinders of the house next door swirled in strange patterns across the sky;
I want to praise you  For all you’ve done. The actions you’ve taken 
And he saw  The light in my eyes, He saw I was trying,
Merciful one, Hear my cries, May I find favor in thine eyes.
Forgive and forget, But not too quick, You gotta know what you need
Weakness is a quality in which I adore and detest- My need for finality-
stop trying to fit in stop trying to be accepted by everyone stop agreeing on things just because everyone else is
Her eyes brown with drops of autumn within them,  her soul burns those who look too close. Her heart is barbed wired, 
Poly Fortitude  I am familiar with every sense of the word Each rope cut