Poems about Health

One, Two I tripped over your shoe Three, Four I stayed there on the floor Five, Six
Growing up, We wanted to make our family proud. Our teachers thrilled. Our peers happy. But growing up,
Bangs. Who said it was a good idea? Black makeup. Who said it was a good idea? "emo" hair. WHO said it was a good idea?
One day you're home, and then another you are left all alone.  Abandoned, gone, and lost. 
Children are like the sun Bright, cheerful, energetic Happy little faces
today was pretty easay, but today is not tonight. at night is when it can get hard. last nigt and the night before...
Another day here all alone Nobody to talk to No hand to hold No one to hold me and tell me
deja de mentrite a ti mismo be loyal to yourself your soul purely deserves it
silence her whisper, her laughter, her screams,  all silence. silence to the power of the devil
You are a child but I am Grown You were crying for your mother's  breast but I am looking for ways