Poems about Health

My eyes are lying Lying to me I am surrounded by human skins That's what my eyes see But my body hums
Sip a glass of fresh juice every morning And witness what fruits can do to your skin
You feel stuck. Like you’re being held captive in your own head. Like you’re screaming for help and no one can hear you.
I feel alone. Not because i am alone but because no one has my back like my spine is about to fall out.
I don't try   I don't try because "trying" isn't cool.   I don't try because
She loves and respects her father Wants to be just like him Her name is Mulan  
peopole will attack you for your mistakes, i have to like to make them happy most people are so full of hate
As I close my eyes I visualize thee stones with different colors there were red, orange, yellow, green and blue, purple and there was a c
  I will always remember our time together,  remember our secrets we keep from the world.
She cant deal with her anxiety she's always overthinking It feels like air is being sucked out of her lungs,