Poems about Health

Aching old scars A happy remorse song we sing A jovial anger melody we all dance
Who knew I needed water, Maybe the doctor.  For a flower to blossom, Now that I’m in college I know the problem.
I was a girl who was afraid I'd walk in fear and walk in shame Left, right, left, right, just keeping straight
At 1 year old, I said my first word. “Mama”, I said in bold, thinking I was already old.  
My childhood is like a flower. Many people will compare their lives with something so fair. But my life has power,
Only One!   Ectomorph= Tall and gangly
Today she planted a seed  A little seed inside her
When he looks at me With those eyes all of my worries, just seem to roll right by with a flick of that smile
All throughout her life, her mirror was thereIt always showed her who she was As a toddler, It showed her a girl that was goofy and beami
I fear myself for the way I live, For the fucks I give, For the way I wreck the car, expecting to end up broken,