Poems about Health

Why... why can't we reach for the sky? Why do we always lie? And why do we make an excuse just to strive?
For years and years I faced the sun Till one day I was on the run Scared and lonely with no place to go
Through darkened windows no light shall break A body restful but still awake  The machines all whir as gizmos bloop 
There's the funny bone. And we know what our heartstrings are.
I was born on June 24 and based on my horoscope I am cancer.  
There was a girl who desperately wanted to fly. She desired it more than anyone could understand.
I look back to my youth My pride, joy, confidence Like a bullet proof suit Now I stay in the confines of my room
The hair of a princess is special they said, So best keep it perfect on your head. With long golden locks,
  So You Say That You’ve Seen Me?- Letter to God- Can You see me?
I hide behind a smile  Many times I just want to cry Not be able to tell my friends