Poems about Health

Going Army to civilain  Was a challenge for me, Bringing all of my experienced baggage along
To the one who missed out,  December 1st, 2001  Lovely Lillies sway at a distance of her hospital bed 
Tokens Every boy I know has left a piece of them in my life And  Some have taken chunks of my mental 
It isn’t that I didn’t see it coming or wasn’t warned It’s that I never imagine it happening so fast
Since I was young I was told family had to be number one.
When I was young The growing pains Were in my legs and feet
Water; I was raised to love it, but little by little I grew to hate it.
As I sit I think about the times I messed up. I'm so fortunate to never have an empty cup.
I am a glass doll with many faces. Cracks line my body, Hate and self-pity are
'You are good and the best' that's what I've been told from time I doubted the words, thinking that they're nothing but lies