Poems about Health

When he looks at me With those eyes all of my worries, just seem to roll right by with a flick of that smile
All throughout her life, her mirror was thereIt always showed her who she was As a toddler, It showed her a girl that was goofy and beami
I fear myself for the way I live, For the fucks I give, For the way I wreck the car, expecting to end up broken,
Everything I worked on is going to end in an anti-climatic ending All my hard work are just now ashes...
How did I get here? Why did I stay? I’m searching for sunshine,
What would be the flavor of your memories? Are they sweet like honey? Or salty,
The stark reality fades away making way for medicated highs I just can't take this world no more
I'm better than this So why am I so sad God help me Take this pain away I hate depression
Oliver my darling Oh Mutukudzi my sweetheart Tuku my love The great Samanyanga, Africa’s pride
  I wasn’t a kid anymore the day you walked out the door.