Poems about Health

I lie in bed all day with my blinds pulled shut, motionless in the shadows of my own despair  
They set the stage, Tell you how to play, Given you rules day by day, Given the rules on how to play.
Life is full of ideas, Life is full of choices, Life is full of mistakes,  
     To My Beautiful Daughter  
Poems incarnate the abstract, putting in place our deepest thoughts No need to retract; We can then take shots
Words, so simplistic but yet so strong.  The letters stand in their formations, side by side like mighty soldiers. 
  Small words taught me to sympathize  
When I was young I was taught to rhyme  To put my imagination on paper, forever and all time
Hooray!! A big box has arrived. it is so... BIG, I wonder what must be inside? 
Anxiety Sometimes it's a leaf falling from a tree Others it is the tree As it drizzles More leaves sprout