Poems about Health

Lost in a maze  that only exist in my mind’s case i don’t know what to do  I have zero clue
The cold winter wind is blowingthe breath out of my lungs.Even in the summer.Cause this winter called depression
The martial arts Muslim's workout is moderate as can be; He works out every other day and I'm speaking truthfully.  
One bump, two bump, and a loooong neck Ol' Nessie saw John by the old shipwreck
I have watched over them for millennium I have seen them constrained by their own kind
Who is this beauty I see in the darkness? She is my reflection but calls me a different name.
Rheumatic fever is a disease that involves the brain, the heart, the joints, and the skin;
I am a single particle of soil.    I am soiled.   
There's something new I'm experiencing here. Four letters, 7 billion definitions. I had a premonition, no, wait. Just wishes.
A spirit light, a heart unbound A place to stand, safe from thunderclouds A mind at rest, a heart at peace