Poems about Health

Sometimes I think, why can’t I be enough for you? Why do you have to die if I am here for you?
Your story isn’t over; It’s the beginning of a new chapter;
Sometimes life gets to hard Sometimes you need an escape Sometimes the world is to much Turn to words
Here I am,  again, laying here alone staring up at a ceiling that's staring right back,
Seasons they come and go. It could be sunny or there could be snow.
Thoughts tend to ebb and flow as fleeting as  a springtime snow. To catch one flake may take a year
It hits me like waves.Each battering me back down to the ground.Underneath me sand flows
I want to be home This is normal It is highschool after all No one likes school
Inspiration is ignited by imagination and interest in introspection.
There are times When I hate myself  For what I have done  Or what I know I can do.