Poems about Health

I wake up each day, a new dawn,  a new beginning, filled with new possibilities  letting yesterday's failures fade
Think about it too much? or not enough? Will I ever believe in trust?
I am not who they say that I am I am not The smart girl who is always happy.
"Sorry" doesn't mean I'm sorry for you "Sorry" means I'm sorry for myself
When 8:30 rings out on my alarm i groan. I twist and drop two oblong chemically infested objects into my mouth.
See me in the blue See me acting new It's a pity for you That you couldn't come through  
Before you feel despair do you hear that whisper? The whisper's from your heart
The stars in my eyes They’re fading dim The smile on my face It’s wearing thin  
Do you remember when you fell down? We were eleven years old, when we lived in that small town.
She wasn't scared of the dark. Neither was she afraid of what or who might be in it. No.