Poems about Health

It's funny how everything seems like its okay, and then shit hits the fan like nothing.
Once, I thought I knew What I should have said. Once, I needed a break,
  Mirror Mirror, on the wall, What's gone wrong with it all?
I'm crying in the closet Over a girl How Ironic  That now is the moment  That I want my mother most.
I remember being 7 years old. Day by day I noticed that mom was acting strange.
Panic is a bathroom sink, Grime-covered and overflowing, Tearing the skin off my hands
Unborn and already A path has been chosen By those that are not them -
I never believed in ghosts until I realized that I was one -- empty, invisible
In a world full of plight, It helps to spread kindness to each other. The care we give make them bright,
She gets up from her desk holding back the tears, she pushes her headphones into her ears.