Poems about Health

She was fading She was alone There was darkness Nothing more
The man thinks he rich But he’s poor
There’s a lot of silly silly thingsTo be talking about There’s a lot of willy n
My anxiety has led me to believe everyone hates me. I can’t be alone for more than two hours before I start to want to die.
When you are young Misquotes choose the victim  While everyone is playing outside 
Waking up in the morning
I would like to cry Though that sounds grim But I want to feel emotion again Not just the plastic mask I wear
Eat   You can't eat   Cut   You have to cut   Cry  
Dead Beat   I used to play the air guitar, the bass, But up here an audience is out of place
 am inspired by living. The inspiration in my life comes from the breath I take from the moment I arise from my sleep.