Poems about Health

I couldn't even think about getting up here to crack a joke \ and if I did my thoughts and words would only choke 
There's a kind of sadness so sweet that you can't stop drinking it in. It lacks the burn of anger
How can I confide in you when you rely on me? How desperately I wish I could get help I know I need
Down deep in my nightmare, My shadow of despair, A black demonic snake, Reminded me I was awake.
Narcissus sits, waits Two minutes have gone by now Post has no likes   
I always told you I was fine but with every time I said that, I was lying more and more to myself.
I sat with Death in the front seat of my car  Under the old rusted street lamp down the 
Let me know when you meet a child of immigrants who isn’t good at math.
Dear twisted society, You do your job as a prison guard. Making sure we don’t dare to stray too far.
Therein, residing in my mind, is a monster so evil, dark and unkind. Thoughts racing, telling me that I’m hideous.