Poetry about Donald Trump

Confidence "If you're a fan of Kanye West, you're a fan of yourself. I'm just the shot of espresso"
Melodic speech intensifies Masses cluster passionately Masterful tongue swoons the commonality
Donald Trump please save us Donald Trump help make laws Save us, please once and for all
  Our politicians are stupid,      
(alternately known as the Doubting Thomas CrownTaj Mahal Cupid Affair)
Dear Mr. President,
Dear Donald Trump,   I see you love America, With your Strength
 I refuse to be the next crazy person on the back end of your jokes I know you were talking about me but you didn't know
We live in an America where people would rather see a black man shot dead than take a knee.
Dear Donald Trump, The world does not revolve around you. Immigrants are people too. Women are not