Poetry about Donald Trump

The american dream, "Life, Liberty, Pursuit of happiness". - The US Preamble
Hey, did you hear about Zack? He  painted stripe n his back He wanted tobe one of us Then he traveled on a bus
I am who others tell me to be I sit quietly  nod politely  I don't talk back I don't say how I feel
They tell me some of my best pieces were  written late night early mornings When the troubles from my past were annoying me like pants cr
Lesson number one: When you multiply two positives, the outcome is positive.
Looked on the TV saw trumps tupee. That man has a lot of words to say today.
Dear whoever it may concern, I truely believe I am in love with you, the way your eyes light up when you smile,
I am American, Not only American but Hispanic. Cultures joined inevitabley,  Treated inequitably;