Poetry about Donald Trump

  By Stanley Collymore   I’m not obsessed with life as the vast majority of you out there
Hey there old friend. Maybe friend isn’t the correct term, so allow me to rephrase. Hello old habit.
Sniffing, snorting, sneezing, Sick people wheezing, The children whisper,
The striking colors of sunset skin, tears through the hearts of a burning country, Calling women nasty,
I bake carrot cake I bake carrot cake for the birthdays and beyond
  Sleepy the Woke Poet on this sheet niggah I stand up for what’s mines I can not take a seat niggah
I'm tired of being disabled & poor!! I'm tired of  being picked on by people!!!  
Many Months Ago America Elected a President His Skin is Orange
The New Omelas              by Lilian Ntximhlub Her
New, President New Change Donald Trump is not a Scum, he did not become a president to have some fun.