Poetry about Donald Trump

Keeping it real about America, the land of the free and brave, Long gone are the days of the slave,
O say, can you see the bombs burst in the night? Parent's bodies will fall, while their children are screaming.
America the great. Real America is enslaved, Built upon the backs of captured people,
Roses are red, violets are blue, Donald Trump's president.........boy we are screwed. 
a new poll shows that 47% oppose to kapernick's protest 32% support his stance this is a numbers game
They say America the great. They say America the beautiful.
America is greatbut the people who made is great don't get to experience it
A child is leading Our always failing nation We failed ourselves
I cried on election night. Frozen in fear as I stared at my phone, 
America the so called great, stretching from California to New York State. Where Donald Trump holds the power,