Poetry about Donald Trump

I had a nightmare a few weeks agoI was a child Limited to a cage with
Confidence "If you're a fan of Kanye West, you're a fan of yourself. I'm just the shot of espresso"
Melodic speech intensifies Masses cluster passionately Masterful tongue swoons the commonality
Where there are different dimensions  Butterfly's in the air  Covering my soul like a blanket 
Donald Trump fraudulently elected Donald Trump liar every day since elected Donald Trump selling out his country
This is not about your want for suicide. It is not about that.  
we were the ones who had to flee we were the ones who had to leave became a gang of broken families
A lot of people are telling me “You’re overreacting.”
Stay Strong 
This your native chi-town girl. Melanin too stand-outish for Michigander mediocrities