Poetry about Donald Trump

My dear Joy Dorany,
America, the best country ever existed, excitement, that could not be resisted. Obama was great a few years ago,
Is America Great?  Why do we have to fight fo everything?
Let the sun shine down without being scared, let the birds sing free without any care,
Make America great again? I thought America was fine? I would really appreciate it 
I’m opening a restaurant On the corner of Liberty Street And Broadway.
This country is a mess. Promises of freedom for the few by oppression of the many
They look down upon us and Scoff, chuckle, take us for fools.
A deep burn,  An ember in my chest. You left me, a witch on a stake, Crackling.  
   Donald Trump says he’s going to make “America Great Again”Well I’ve decided to make a stand.I’ve always tried to look at the world fro